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Why SlenderZone?

Weight Loss Meal Plan

  • Chef Sharon’s SlenderZone weight loss meal plan program is unique because it directly focuses on changing the body chemistry of each individual. By eating the great tasting, high quality diet meals prepared and delivered by SlenderZone, the body begins to lose its natural cravings for sugar, starches, and fats. Eliminating these cravings makes it easy and enjoyable to drop pounds, increase energy and greatly improve your health. You will notice the effects within the first few days.

    SlenderZone chefs are professionally trained and certified in health and nutrition. Our diet meals are custom prepared exclusively for you. It's like having your own personal chef to keep you trim.

    Your SlenderZone weight loss meal plan offers a variety of poultry, meats, low fat dairy products, farm fresh produce, delicious soups, and amazing desserts, prepared specifically for you and conveniently delivered to your home.

    Adults and children will love all the healthy and imaginative pre prepared meals. Slenderzone is also an enjoyable way to normalize unfavorable cholesterol, lower your blood sugar and blood pressure. Our aim is to reduce or remove your need for pharmaceutical drugs, by delivering healthy, ready diet meals to your door.

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  • Imagine your life becoming free of the need for pizza, pasta, French fries, chips, and sugary desserts and loving it! Imagine enjoying the process of becoming slender and healthy. SlenderZone can accomplish this by delivering truly wonderful, gourmet foods to your door.

    The government tells us that our top death rates are due to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Wrong choices are the causes of these diseases. The culprit here is sugar and sugar causing foods. Sugar is what is makes us sick, America!!!! Sugar and sugar causing foods is the root of all our health care issues in this country.

    These illnesses would be preventable if people struggling with their weight were able to obtain readily available, restaurant quality foods to help them enjoy the process of becoming healthy and readjusting their lean muscle mass to body fat ratio.

    Government statistics show that people who eat out at restaurants five times per week will gain an average of seven pounds per year. This is largely due to the overly generous portions, extra fat, starch, and sugar in prepared restaurant meals.

  • The SlenderZone program of a healthy eating system will reduce the confusion of making incorrect choices. All entrées are portion, fat, starch, and sugar controlled in order to make the program easy and highly enjoyable.

    You will not be hungry. You will not have stomach distress or feel bloated. You will, however, feel better and have more energy, think more clearly and never crave the foods, which caused the trouble in the first place, if you follow this easy system.

    We are company of nutritionists and personal chefs providing fresh, healthy food service delivered to our clients’ homes daily. The foods we prepare and serve for our clients are custom designed for each individual’s health and dietary needs. We specialize in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides. We have had great success with diabetics and people with other health issues caused by excess weight.

    At SlenderZone, we prepare healthy, delicious diet meals, based on a weight loss meal plan designed to make you look better and feel amazing!

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