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As of today, 6/16, I've been on it for sixteen days and have lost thirteen pounds. Nine of that was in the first ten days. Feeling very good, not hungry at all and love the food.

-Brian D.


I have on the Slender Zone program since the beginning of October 2014. It is now March 14, 2015 or approximately five months. I drink plenty(3ltrs. per day) of water and moderate cardio exercise. I have lost a total of 68 pounds in the five months or an average of 13.6 pounds each month. I'm very pleased but regret allowing myself to gain so much weight in the first place. Can't look back only forward and focusing on maintaining this loss and enjoying my new weight. It has also been very expensive as I had to buy all new clothes. Thanks for all your good cooking and a plan that really works.



I am pleased to inform you that I lost 35lbs since January 8th using Slender Zone. I am back on track and in control of my eating habits. I will continue to use your service to stay lean through out the rest of the year! Slender Zone is an investment to my health and happiness!!! Thank you,



I am down 3 sizes, more energy and lost 35lbs thank you so much! My experience with SlenderZone has been life changing; Chef Sharon is knowledgeable and able to plan meals around my food preferences and consistently prepares delicious and healthy meals. The ease of the food delivery has kept me on track and set me up to continue my journey to healthy eating. Thank you Chef Sharon and SlenderZone staff for your continued support.


Because of Chef Sharon I have lost 60 pounds since December



I loved the service, excellent. Great job!

-Julie A


So far I have lost 23.5 lbs, and feel terrific. The food is really good, and very satisfying. I am not hungry on the program. Thanks,



I wrote a review of SlenderZone for Yelp a couple of months ago and was surprised that I was unable to find so I am writing a new one. I am very pleased with the service I have been receiving with SlenderZone. I originally purchased a $99 deal through Bloomspot and once the trial week was over immediately signed up for continued delivery. My goal was two-fold: portion control and not having to worry about what to make for dinner after a long day! I have been extremely pleased with both the quality of the food and the outstanding service provided by Chef Sharon and her crew, with particular shout-outs for Brenda as well as the delivery crew. They have been extremely accommodating to any changes in scheduling as well as receptive to comments regarding likes and dislikes of the food. Everything is fresh and since I have a particularly nasty sweet-tooth their desserts have been outstanding and fulfilling. Thanks again for the food and service - so often people are quick to criticize but not praise and this business deserves high praise! Keep it up!!!

-Jodi Sherman


I decided that enough was enough and I had to loose this weight I have put on over the past 2 years. My friend told me about slender zone. I think it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Since I am Armenian I love to eat a lot of sweets and bread so its very hard for me to even try any kind of diet. Slender Zone was super convenient for me. They deliver the food to me every morning. I have my breakfast, lunch and dinner, and desert and all their yummy snacks in between. The food is very tasty. At first I felt the portions are small but that's because I was so used to eating my big lunches and dinners every day. After a few days I adjusted and was feeling completely full and satisfied. I love Slender Zone because the food has taste in it. I have tried Jenny Craig before and couldn't stand the food. With Slender Zone the meals are very yummy and healthy at the same time. Chef Sharon uses dressings that have absolutely no fat or sugar. I have lost a total of 22 pounds in the last 2 months. I feel great, all my beautiful cloths that did not fit me are now fitting me and are actually fitting loose. I will continue with Slender Zone for a very long time, I even feel that once I have lost all the weight that I intend too I will continue with Slender Zone because the food is very healthy and I feel great eating it. Thank you Chef Sharon for changing my life and letting me feel great about myself again.

-Lily Balasanyan


Macuqui-I have tried three meal delivery services and Slenderzone is superior to the others when it comes to menu variety and food freshness. Where I find they shine is in their preparation of vegetables and salads. Other food services sent me boring, steamed, tasteless vegetables I struggled to swallow. Slenderzone veggies are deliciously seasoned and as much of a treat to eat as their desserts which are yummy. Their salads are awesome. Again, the other services I tried sent me variations on iceberg lettuce with a couple of carrot curls to add some jauntiness to an otherwise blah ensemble. Slenderzone is very creative with their salads my favorites being the broccoli and the cauliflower salads. And when they send greens, you can bet there's colorful veggies or fruits peeking through to heighten the flavor. I love some of their entrees and there's a few I did not like but for those I just email them and it's put on my dislike list never to appear in my delivery bag again. I feel terrific, lowered my cholesterol, and am never hungry. Delivery so far is always on time. I highly recommend them.

-Macuqui Garcia


I have lost about 20 pounds and am quite happy with that.

-Eric B


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SlenderZone!

Howdy Chef Sharon, I have not checked in for a while but I am still LOVING the service. I have lost 15lbs. I can't believe it. AND that's despite getting the service just four days a week with little exercise. I signed up for SlenderZone purely as a business strategy. I needed more time in my life to free me up to start a new business. Not only have I had a lot more time to focus on my new company, but I am benefiting from the unexpected side effects of SlenderZone..a.k.a. weight loss! It is amazing!.....AND my mind and body feel clean and clear.
I am soooo happy with my new body. 5 more lbs and I will have abs!



Dear Chef Sharon and staff

"You all are amazing and your food is incredible--the desserts are too die for and I look forward to those every evening--you can not even tell a difference that they are actually sugar free!! They have allowed me to stick with the program because I had SUCH an addiction to sugar prior to starting this meal plan it was so terrible but with your help I have finally been able to kick the sugar habit and take charge of my diet. Thanks to you my body feels and looks so much better and I must tell you for the FIRST time ever in my life I now crave salads and vegetables. I have never been a big salad eater at all but your salads have changed that for me. I am so thankful for your customized program and all the hard work you do to prepare my meals. Chef Sharon is such a great resource and is always available and checking in which just shows her level of commitment to her clients. Honestly words cannot not express how grateful and impressed I have been with this program and I am looking forward to continuing on it in the future. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!"



"I love the program and it helps me to maintain a comfortable weight. I am happily in a size 8. I drink a lot of water and probably could use more exercise. Overall, I am very pleased. Love the menu and feel like I'm eating healthy AND yummy food! "

Dana Harvey


"Thank you for doing such a good job in helping me getting my body weight in order, I feel great and healthy! I feel comfortable in taking control myself"

Barbara F


"Asian Salad with Beef was one of the best things you have made if not the best"



"I bought a voucher on line for a 5 day plan (lunch and dinner) with Slender Zone. Their plan has taught me how to organize my meals. The secret is portion control! Small portions, appetizing food, and a nice variety. I never was hungry and I lost weight. I feel great! Chef Sharon was always available for guidance and I feel comfortable knowing she is there for me, if needed."

Eve Roberts

Hello Chef Sharon,

"I wanted to thank you and the entire staff at Slenderzone for the incredible food and service. I don't recall eating so well while losing weight. I ate things that I avoided in the past thinking I would like it or prepared it incorrectly. The desserts deserve a standing ovation. Chef Sharon you let me know that I should not be hungry and you worked with me until it all balanced out. You also let me know that I would be able to eye the portions going forward so I did pay very close attention to all the details. This was a great investment to living a healthier lifestyle. Again, this was such a wonderful experience and I have learned so much. My blueberry pancakes are calling, so I have to go for now."

Thank you!

Alycia Watterson


You were a huge part of my success!

Here are some pictures to kvell over. :) I'll recommend you to anyone who ever needs to lose weight, and you can be sure that if I slip and need a week or two of rehab, I'll be calling you!!!


Chef Sharon,

It's been about 4 1/2 months since I started your slender zone plan and I have surpassed my original goal weight by 23 pounds and 3 months ahead of schedule. I have now lost a total of 61lbs. My blood pressure is down to 110 / 65 and cholesterol down from 230 to188 and I feel great!!. Although we have spoken many times on the phone and your guidance has been great, we have never met, so I thought you would get a kick out of these before and after photos.

Sharon, after years of yoyo diets, your program of wonderful fresh foods has taught me how to eat and portion control, and it has truly changed my life! I would tell anybody (and I have) considering a diet that they can live by, that your plan with real fresh food and commitment to 30 minutes a day of exercise is a total no brainer and worth ever penny!!

Thanks for the new start, I am in the slender zone!

Brian Testo

Chef Sharon,

“I had been trying to lose weight for years, yet the only thing that happened was that I put on more. It was disturbing, frustrating, and embarrassing. Finally, I started a workout schedule and modified my diet, and dropped about 35 pounds, but then reached a plateau that I could not break. Fortunately, I met Chef Sharon at SlenderZone. I was very skeptical, because I thought I was already doing everything right, plus I never really believed in commercial “diets?. But… it worked. I lost an average of 3 pounds per week, and after losing 55 pounds, I had returned to my college weight. It has been over three months now, and with the tools I have gained from Chef Sharon’s SlenderZone, the battle to keep pounds off has been relatively easy. I would not hesitate to try this service, it really worked for me.

Thank You!

David E. Tourgeman, M.D.
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Dear Sharon:

Sept 7th will be my 1 year anniversary for losing 30 lbs. Twenty-four pounds in the first month alone, and the remaining weight thereafter! I wish I had taken photos before, because you would really not believe the photos now! My eating habits have changed dramatically! By limiting my portions, I can now, within reason, just about eat most foods; but usually stay away from the well known trouble makers. I work out at least 5 times a week.

Thanks for everything.

Jules Cohen
Sherman Oaks, CA

I'd be honored to mention that I'm 69 years old. My thanks to you for helping me get on track and feeling so good. I do feel in control!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your fabulous group!


Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for making my time with you so successful. It is truly a life's privilege to have ones food cooked and delivered!

Judy Donoghue Cardea

Dear Chefs,

I wanted to thank you so much for the delicious five days of food. I'm almost done eating it. and I don't think I've ever eaten so well or felt so healthy in my life. everything was just so yummy, especially your veggie potsickers and soy cakes. all your fresh veggies, yummmm.

I've only been a vegetarian for a little over a year and it's a challenge at times to find/prepare (I really hate to cook) foods that meet all the taste and nutritional requirements. I pretty much live on nuts and berries. thank you so much, for the banquet of flavors and textures and tastes. wish I could hire you guys for life.

I had bought this gift for my grown daughter who never used was about to expire so I ordered for myself.

I have a family I have to feed so it is not practical for me to keep on going with it. but I will keep you in mind for any future time that i'm feeling a need to just be about me, or suggest to anyone I know that might be interested. really.

thank you again, I really am sad to be going.

Claire Acerno

Hello there!

I am a 46 year old woman, who has struggled to control my weight for a lifetime, having been a chubby teenager. I have lost a significant amount of weight a few times in my life and that experience has given me perspective on both extremes, being overweight AND skinny. I live in Los Angeles but frequently travel for my work as an accountant for movie production. Basically, coming home from my last job, I was again, gorilla size. I enrolled in a boot camp which I participated in for two months, with no results, in fact, I believe I gained weight because my eating was out of control. I have done all the diets on the market but felt no motivation to hook onto any of them. I knew that food delivery was available in Los Angeles so one Friday, made the decision to sign up and start. I believe I was fairly desperate in that moment because I thought, I can't be like this anymore and I can't make a significant change by myself.

So I spoke to Chef Sharon and she said, eat my food and you will lose the weight. I didn't even ask her what the calorie content was going to be, I just said, sign me up and start sending me food tomorrow.

So the first day, Saturday, I went to the Hollywood Bowl in the evening for a concert, and walking to the car, I just felt so comfortable, so at ease, so peaceful, so HAPPY, and I told my friends, listen, the food dialogue is just gone from my head completely, just on the first day, I wasn't either beating myself up about what I ate, or worrying about what I was going to eat next or thinking about what I shouldn't eat, it was just quiet on the whole food subject, and this was remarkable, obviously, I hadn't lost any weight on the first day but I became calm about food, and this was half the battle.

As the first month ended, I lost 10 lbs, which I knew from my personal dieting experience, was an attainable goal, I was still going to boot camp, then another 10 lbs and another 10 lbs, for each of the next three months. Rolling into December, I renewed for a fourth month and I knew I was going to take it easy on myself and enjoy a few holiday parties here and there, so I lost 5 lbs. At the end of four months, I told Chef Sharon that I felt I could continue on my own, being inspired by her menu plan, portion size and salad combinations that had carried me to this successful point.

The diet was incredibly easy, I never worried or stressed out, the time just passed and the scale continued to go down. This is a plan that I would recommend to ANYONE. I fully intend to keep it as a tool in my life that I will return to now and then, when I feel that I am getting too distracted by the food chatter in my head and when I need to regain food peace.

So continuing to date, the month of January has passed and I have lost an additional 5 lbs, bringing my total weight loss to 40 lbs, which was entirely made possible by Chef Sharon and her delicious, nutritious food. And I never felt deprived or unsatisfied, it was so easy this time.

THANK YOU CHEF SHARON and I will certainly be back when I need your future assistance.

Amy Agzarian
Culver City, California

HI Sharon,

I have been on your program for 10 weeks, I am happy to say I have lost 18 pounds. The food is healthy and delicious. The variety is wonderful - you certainly don't get bored. The desserts are great.

I want to thank you and your staff for all the great work.

Thank you,
Marilyn Marks
Burbank, CA


Marty and I are doing just fine…we are very happy campers, and thinner. Thank you

Thank you,
The Fox's

HI Sharon,

I just want to send a quick email. Your food is GREAT!


Hello Sharon,

Just a little update. I've been on the program since 8/12/09 and have lost 32 Pounds. This is wonderful considering I was in Europe 3 1/2 weeks during this time. I feel 1000% better than I have in 20 years and couldn't be more pleased with my progress. Now that I am in the routine, it's very simple...Food, water and exercise. When I eat out, which is often, I follow your guidelines and it's working very well.
I'll keep you informed.

Warmest regards,
Richard A Carieri

Chef Sharon,

Good Morning! I lost 5 more pounds this weekend!!!!!!!!! That¹s 9 total, and I¹ll let you know the 3 week total on Wednesday. Hallelujah, Wahoo, Yahoo, Rebel Yell & can you hear my excitement from there?!!! I could walk by any food today and say no thank you! Motivation is a powerful thing!

Thank You!

Ruth Weeks

Chef Sharon,

Thanks again for everything. I feel like I have been tapped by the magic spatula of the Slenderzone Fairy Godmother Chef and now I am the princess! I am no featherweight, but I am looking so good and feeling so good, I feel so darn good and the effort has truly been effortless on my part! Thanks to you and your staff I have actually been able to manage my weight for the first time. My life is changing with minimal effort and no dieting and I am enjoying my new shape!

Jody Thomas

Chef Sharon,

Thanks very much for great meals and for the caring and hard work that I know your whole team puts into my meals and my receiving them!

R. Lawrence

Chef Sharon,

Everything you have done with chicken, love them! The soups are very good. The desserts LOVE THEM. The cheesecake is unbelievable!!! Chocolate pudding is great. Keep the desserts coming. For me, it is my reward at the end of the day!! I love the variety and look forward to my surprise bag of treats each day.

S. Shulman

Chef Sharon,

Please let me know when the next special offer will be so I can mark my calendar - thanks again for everything - I feel like I have been tapped by the magic spatula of the Slenderzone Fairy Godmother Chef and now I am the princess! Oh - I have a ways to go - I am no featherweight - but I am looking so good and feeling so good (the key for most people is looks - but I feel so darn good) and the effort has truly been effortless on my part. Yep - welcome 2008 almost 50 pounds thinner and not dieting - what a feeling!

At your service,
Jody T.
North Hollywood, CA

Chef Sharon,

Thanks to you and your staff I have actually been able to manage my weight for the first time. With the holidays here – I have also managed to make better choices when I am out – better judgment regarding fresh or processed (ugh!), sugar has not been a problem, cravings have not been an issue as you PROMISED and binging is a thing of my past. I feel absolutely great – exercising, walking – just joined a cardio ballroom group – yes – my life is changing with minimal effort and no dieting and I am enjoying my new shape! Thank you thank you thank you. Wishing you and your staff a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2008!

At your service,
Jody T.
North Hollywood, CA

Chef Sharon,

Thanks very much for great meals and for the care and hard work that I know your whole team puts into my meals and my receipt of them! Happy Holidays to all and best for 2008.

Pasadena, CA

Chef Sharon,

I've felt great yesterday and today. I don't know who made the Salisbury steak with gravy and mushrooms but that was the best ever. I want that every time it's served!!! 7 pounds in 7 days - what an exciting beginning, it's been a great jumpstart! Thanks again for everything!

Ruth W.
Valley Village, CA

Chef Sharon,

I love the food. It's been fun opening my door and finding my bag and seeing what exciting meals I'm going to have for the day. The food is delicious and my first week I lost 7.5 pounds. Amazing! I've never lost that much weight the first week on any weight loss program. I was not hungry and I didn't feel deprived. I felt the opposite. I feel like I am being pampered every day. I am so fortunate that I found SlenderZone. I never thought losing weight could be so much fun. I love the taco salad, turkey chili, grilled eggplant, chipotle shrimp, the frittata with feta (anything with feta), the b-b-q pork ribs and the spinach salads with bacon bits and hard boiled egg crumbles. Those have been my favorites but everything has been delicious.

VickI D.
Woodland Hills, CA

Chef Sharon,

I want to thank you again for your very effective meal program. As you promised, the food is delicious. I've lost a surprising amount of weight in a short period of time. I especially appreciate the patience with which you've answered all my questions and made each meal so customized to my preferences.

I'm glad I found you,
Chatsworth, CA

Chef Sharon,

I cannot thank you enough for the delicious food and your program to eating healthy and staying fit. I am looking forward to the continued service and love, love, love the food! I love your cheesecakes and puddings! I am losing weight slowly right now, but I am definitely feeling the effects of “detoxing my system? and it is becoming easier and easier to avoid the workplace's "Evil Closet" of junk food.

Sarah L.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Chef Sharon,

I am very much enjoying your food program. The food is delicious. The creative preparation of proteins, fruits, and vegetables is a constant delight. I appreciate the conscience effort not include much salt and the absence of meat in the meals. I am losing weight and more important feel great! I DO NOT MISS the sugar that was previously in my diet. You are right! Sugar is evil! I plan to continue with your program because of my improved health while eating your fabulous meals.

Thank you for a new me,
Westlake Village, CA

Chef Sharon,

I have just completed 2 weeks of your program. During this time I followed the program to the letter. I am pleased to report that I lost 20 pounds and my blood pressure significantly reduced from 145/85 to 136/78. I was wheezing after climbing stairs and even while getting dressed. That has not occurred since the first week. My clothes are much looser and have much more energy. I have no problem with the food and I find I am never hungry. I have a long way to go, but I do believe that your program is teaching me what and how to eat so I am sticking with it.

Thank You,
Paul T.
Encino, CA

Chef Sharon,

Chef Sharon’s creations are delicious and I have seen the most amazing results in as little as 2 weeks! I look forward to getting my prepared meals because it’s something new every day and I don’t have to bother with preparing them myself which saves me so much time from shopping at the grocery store to preparing lunch for the office. It’s just so easy. My food is always at my door step on time, every day. I can’t speak enough about how great the food is (my favorites are too many too list, but most notably, the chili, pork loin, sautéed mushrooms, and the no-sugar, no fat salad dressings!) and how simple it is to take off a few extra pounds. I recommend the service to anyone who’s looking to shed a couple pounds to many. You will see the results!

Gratefully yours,
B.A. Los Angeles, California

Chef Sharon,

Thank you for helping me take those pesky 10 pounds off with your most delicious food! I do not hesitate to tell everyone about you and your delivery service. You make losing weight a delicious experience!

Nina Siemaszko

Chef Sharon,

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service you provide. I am delighted with the freshness of the food and the preparation. I have lost 10 pounds since I started and couldn't be happier. Thank you for helping me get through the diet rut I was in.

Gratefully yours,
Mariana G.
Beverly Hills, California

Chef Sharon,

Thank you so much for being so accommodating of my schedule, and for being so Wonderful overall. You services have been invaluable, and I really Appreciate the work you do. Your food is great and so is your staff!"

Marisa P.
Los Angeles, CA

Chef Sharon,

"Congrats on being able to do what no other weight loss program has been able to do for me. (And believe me I have tried them all!) For the past five years I have been increasingly gaining weight and no weight loss program seemed to stop this. When I met with you, you told me I would lose between 2-4 pounds a week and I wouldn't have cravings and I wouldn't go hungry. I told you that there was no way I would lose so much weight per week and had visions of starvation and cravings for my favorite foods. Well, did you prove me wrong! Everything you said came true. I have lost 30 pounds to date and feel great."

Thank you so much.
Sue Bernstein
Valley Glen, Ca

Chef Sharon,

Len and I finished our first week with a loss of 5 and 4 pounds respectively. We really enjoyed the first week of food. My favorite was the desserts (of course!) and the chili. Wonderful entrees.

Thanks so much.
K. Reed
Los Angeles, Ca

Chef Sharon,

I have been meaning to write you a proper letter, but as I mentioned I moved and have been distracted and adjusting. I just finished your chicken curry for lunch and decided I could put this off no longer: YOUR FOOD IS SIMPLY AMAZING.

I have been on every imaginable diet: Weight Watchers, Atkins, even the weird and smelly cabbage soup diet. I have tried the Delivery Zone diet on which I lost only two pounds in an entire month. By the time the month was done not only was I starving, but I was so sick of the food I couldn’t bare to eat it and was giving it away to my co-workers. I have tasted and seen Diet Designs food- my boss was on it and I was not impressed. Nor did she lose much weight.

By contrast your food is not only the best and most effective diet food I have ever eaten, it is also simply some of the best FOOD PERIOD that I have ever eaten. My husband looks covetously at my meals. I have given him tastes here and there and he is blown away.

Even if I didn’t need to lose one more pound, I would still want to eat your food. And as I said I have lost 20 pounds. I believe I have been able to do to because your food is so delicious and satisfying there is no need to cheat. Cheating is unnecessary on your program because I am not hungry and I don’t feel deprived. Every meal is a treat.

Also, I wanted to say that every time I have called over there your staff has been wonderful. Sorry that I sometimes forget to put my delivery bags out, I will work on being better about that.

I hope that you write a cook book, or teach some cooking classes because I think there would be a lot more healthy trim people out there if you were able to take your culinary genius out into a broader audience.

In the meantime, thank you for being so great at what you do.

Robin Huntley
Pacific Palisades, Ca

Chef Sharon,

“THE FOOD IS FANTASTIC!! Where do you get your ideas? After almost 40 days of food delivery, it is fantastic that you continue to introduce new meals. That variety is great. I have lost 15 pounds to date.?

Thank you so much,
J. Kutay
Santa Monica, CA

Chef Sharon,

I just have to tell you how happy I am with your food creations!! Everything is so delicious and I am finding it so much easier to stick with this food program. It is much appreciated.

Best Regards,
N. Walker
Los Angeles, CA

Chef Sharon,

I have been following your plan for the past 10 weeks and feel absolutely great!!! I have lost weight and have tons of energy!!! The few times that I have gone off of the plan I feel sluggish and don't feel as mentally alert as when I am following the plan. The food is very tasty. I am a very bust real estate agent and the convenience of the food being prepared and delivered is priceless!! I have really bad food allergies and have eliminated my headaches by following your plan. Thank you!!!

Liz M.
Porter Ranch, CA

Chef Sharon,

I have tried other home delivery services, but I find that SlenderZone provides the best service as well as food. I was once on THE ZONE and for snacks all they provided was a protein bar. SlenderZone provides real and delicious food.

They work with you on the foods you like and don’t like and are very accommodating. I met with the representative and I immediately started receiving my food.

My husband, who is not on SlenderZone, is so impressed with the taste and quality that he sometimes will sneak and take some of my food. The lamb chops are fabulous and the deserts, well I can’t say enough. And the amounts provided are wonderful. I would recommend SlenderZone to anyone and everyone.

For anyone who wants to lose weight or just have food delivered to your home for convenience - THIS IS THE SERVICE.

Thank you for allowing me to say a few words about your company.

S. Levine
Los Angeles, CA

Chef Sharon,

"This program of healthful eating habits has been the most effective and easiest to do ever! I have been losing more than my desired amount of weight and have been feeling energetic, stronger, and very clear-minded. I am never hungry and enjoy the carefully designed and prepared variety of foods that SlenderZone offers! On my first month anniversary, I am 14 1/2 pounds lighter and happier about a confident, healthier me!"

Daniel M.
Van Nuys, CA

Chef Sharon,

"Thank you, Sharon! I appreciate the consideration very much. As of last weekend I was at a 22 pound loss--which is fantastic. My initial goal is 30 pounds with an evaluation of the goal when I get there (ie do I need to lose more). However, the 30 pound total would put me back where I was when I got married (and before pregnancy)."

Los Angeles, CA

Chef Sharon,

"I have an insanely busy schedule and had grown very tired of eating frozen, chemically processed foods daily so I decided to give your service a trial. I feel like I get surprise food gifts delivered with TLC each day. The pleasurably healthy mix of salads and fruit plus a gourmet meal (love the meatballs, shrimp, and miso fish) and scrum delicious desert is ideal. I am happier and able to maintain my healthy weight.?

Karen Abe

Chef Sharon,

"Best lunch I've had in ages. Delicious, nutritious, great energy. Now I'm truly inspired for work. And how about that cupcake?!! That can't be "legal"!!!!"

Ana Maria Bahiana

Chef Sharon,

"I was skeptical about Slender Zone. But EVERY meal I've had on Slender Zone has been delicious. I am a very picky eater and unless produce is fresh and clean I simply won't eat it, which is probably why I started developing such bad eating habits. But the fruit and vegetables are always carefully prepared and fresh. The variety is simply amazing and I actually find myself looking forward to unwrapping what amazing creation you have for me next. Everyone who sees me comments on how much better I look (and this is only 10 days in). But perhaps the best and unexpected result is that I find myself sleeping so much better at night. I'm certain it has to do with the better food I'm putting in my body and how it has changed my make up. While I had gotten used to tossing and turning and waking up two or three times a night, I now find myself sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning feeling great. I had gone through sleep studies that could find nothing wrong with me, but you seemed to cure what no doctor thank you!"

Kevin B.

Chef Sharon,

"This is the best. This is the easiest. You make it fun. Imagine that losing can be fun. I can't thank you enough for helping me get back to a good way of life."

Tom Sherak

Chef Sharon,

"I love Chef Sharon's food so much and it is the only way I could ever stay on a food plan. Thank you for getting me healthy while having so much enjoyment. Best"